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  • Information Warfare Principles and Operations.
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  • Electron Correlation in Metals.
  • Information Operations and Information Warfare?
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  • Developing responses to increasing challenges of information warfare and influence operations;
  • Understanding Biology Using Peptides: Proceedings of the Nineteenth American Peptide Symposium (American Peptide Symposia).

Entry Date The Information Warfare curriculum is an eight-quarter course of study with a single entry date in June. The MSIWSE requires: Completion of a minimum of 45 quarter-hours of graduate-level work, of which at least 15 hours must represent courses at the level, and in two or more discrete disciplines. Graduate courses in at least four discrete academic specialization sequences, minimum, and in two disciplines, a course at the level must be included.

20170315 Crafting an Info Warfare & Counter-Propaganda Strategy for... (ID: 105689)

One Systems Engineering class. In addition to the 45 graduate hours of course work, an acceptable thesis must be completed. The candidate's program must be approved by the Chairman, Information Sciences Department.

Subspecialty Navy none. Describe, explain and apply DoD acquisition regulations and processes as they apply to information operations related systems.

South African Journal of Information Management

Information Operations Knowledge, Comprehension and Application : Identify, describe, explain and apply concepts, theories and practices associated with the employment of information operations assets and methods across the range of military operations. Information Operations Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation Compare existing strategies, objectives and technologies with emerging concepts in these areas.

They will be able to identify and compare the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with each area. The graduate will be able to defend their assessment in terms of operational advantage, financial risk and technological feasibility.

  1. Tool Without A Handle: Guerilla Information Warfare.
  2. Information Operations and Information Warfare | The Institute of World Politics.
  3. Products from Various Feedstocks;
  4. The Politics of Mental Health in Italy;
  5. On the Metamathematics of Algebra.
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  7. IWP Four credits The objective of this course is to 1 introduce the student to the basic concepts of information operations and information warfare in the context of psychological strategy; 2 develop an understanding of the use of information as a tool of statecraft and as a weapon of war; and 3 analyze our strengths and weaknesses, and those of our potential adversaries, in this realm. Issues include: With the exception of certain security functions, all information operations must be devised and executed in conformity with an overall psychological strategy.

    The use of information systems to carry out advanced types of electronic warfare across a range of targets. Manipulation of the content of the information in both peacetime interstate relations and in warfare e.

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    Information operations is not a fundamentally new type of warfare, but the failure to understand its potential as an offensive tool and the vulnerabilities inherent in such conflict presents potentially grave strategic threats to the United States and other countries with a high dependency on information- and network-based economies.

    Semester Available Spring. Special Note Professor for this course to be announced. Approaches to Irregular Warfare U.